Monday, July 23, 2012

My dream in a CNN post

The rebirth of turn base strategy games. I love turn based games! We need some more turn based strategy type action in games instead of frenzied button clicking and unfair gear advantage. But it wouldn't have to be MMO just any game with a chat room making you able to hook up with people to fight with or against would be cool. Still can you imagine an MMO with a progressive campaign that you can fight for and make a difference on? WAR tried this a little but and individual's effort felt like an ant's. It needs to be scaled better. Maybe something more like you can make a difference if the other side doesn't move to stop you fast enough, and you can actually be a threat alone by building armies or rallying npcs or something. Food for thought. I love building games so I'm going to be trying Terraria this weekend. (My brother gave it to me for my birthday)