Monday, December 27, 2010

A present for y'all

Here's a neat taste of what improvements they have made to flash and its drawing/physiucs abilities. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Haul

I got a haul of games this year, and other fun toys. I've really been enjoying the old ones the most though. Icewind Dale 2 multi-player ftw! its even fun with just three people, but we had all my brothers and my sister, 6! Totally awesome strategy and lots of stupid moves and reloads :) . The games I got were Trine which is also available on PS3 and is a very decent platformer if you have at least two people to play. Very fun to be the wizard with all the physics in that one. (He can levitate stuff while the other players stand upon it) Next up were two Wii games that I haven't opened yet but look like fun. I told me sister she has until my birthday and I'm commandeering my Wii back. The games are Rune Factory Frontier (woot!) and Crystal Chronicles the Crystal Bearers (Hope its not just a lot of fighting cutscenes like most FF games during battle).

In case you didn't read his comments, here is what Anton got:

I cheated and bought myself 6 games this week. I got Portal from Steam for $4 and a 5-game indie pack including Crayon Physics Deluxe, Max and the Magic Marker, Toki Tori, Delve Deeper, and Secret of the Magic Crystals, all for $5. Also just renewed my WoW expansion...I got my son Zelda 4 Sword Adventures which he will be playing with me in the morning, if there's any room for more excitement after all his other presents. Merry Christmas! "

Anton, Toki tori is an awesome Wiiware puzzle game. 4 swords adventures is fun sometimes... Frustrating other times when your fellow players are determined to impede your progress because they get bored or frustrated too ;) I'm waiting for a report on the other ones. Hope all our readers are having a great time!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Chistmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! I'm so happy to be taking the next week off! My family is in town and we've been playing five player Icewind Dale 2 which is totally da bomb. On another tangent, I saw Tangled and liked it more than the latest Harry Potter Movie. I might begin to question my masculinity but critics and fans alike have acclaimed it to be better as well, it grossed higher and got a higher metascore (whatever that means). I still want to see Megamind though of course. How are all your Christmases going? Hope you get lots of great games!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"ur gay" -- What does that even mean?

Last night, a friend and I used World of Warcraft's dungeon finder to join a 5-man group for a dungeon. I was very impressed with everyone, and the run went perfectly smooth from start to finish. Except after the 3rd or 4th boss, they all decided to tell me "ur gay". This is the first time I've turned a whole party on me like this.

What does "ur gay" even mean?

I didn't have a retort or defense on hand. I only tried to ignore it and keep things up as usual, but they only said it more.

I thought about this a lot until it dawned on me...People are very emotional creatures. I decided that "ur gay" usually doesn't mean what the words themselves mean. It is merely a part of internet culture that for many has come to represent distaste for another person. If you look at the emotion behind the words, it's simply a way to communicate negative feelings towards another.

I tend to talk a lot, so obviously, it was either something I said, or just the excessiveness of it that set them off. Again, this is my emotion coming was the first time I'd played the dungeon, so I was showing lots of enthusiasm, excitement, and friendliness as frequently as possible.

It is very tempting to retort when one insults you. I tried to think of cruel, witty things to say or do to get back at them, but that didn't seem like it would help anything. Continuing to chatter the way I like to didn't work, either. But seeing the insult as a representation of an emotion makes the statement very clear. Rather than "ur gay," they might have said, "Something you said (or Some things you said) have made me uncomfortable/upset/bothered."

Stated like this, it's far more clear how to respond. If someone is hurt by what you said, you can simply apologize, try to clear possible misunderstandings, and offer to change your behavior.

Suppose the conversation had gone like this:
"ur gay"
"Oh, I'm sorry, did something I say bother you?"
"Yeah, you're annoying"
"You mean I'm talking too much?"
"And stop using !!! all the time."
"Sorry about that...I was just excited because it's the first time I've been in this dungeon. I'll try to tone back and say things that are more relevant to beating this dungeon."

I think that could have resulted in them coming off with a much better perception of me, and they might have dropped the whole "ur gay" thing at that point.

Saying sorry is important too. People generally forgive when you apologize. And if not, you did your best to keep the experience positive for everyone. would have tasted so sweet to just stop lending heals on that final boss *evil grin*.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I won a free copy of WoW:Cataclysm from Unicorn City!

I have seen not one, but TWO documentaries about LARPing. I have long held an ambition to one day develop a Fiction film or Video game based on LARPing.

Someone beat me to it.

Unicorn City is a new movie about a guy who wants to get a job...To get leadership experience for his resume, he invents a Utopia of his own that he will rule...a LARPing community.

Who will sabotage his attempt to rule Unicorn City? His girlfriend, who would really prefer he didn't move away to the new job? The rival player who decides his character wants to be the new ruler of Unicorn City? Or the cops, who just don't understand these people the way we do?

Unicorn City is a completely finished film that has already appeared at Sundance Film Festival and others. The producers are pushing hard for a theatrical release. Go show them support on the facebook fan page:!/UnicornCity?v=wall

and link everything you can to their website:

They need all the support they can get to put this movie to theaters, and as for me...I really would love to see this in theaters!

They just held a drawing through their Facebook page and I won a free copy of Cataclysm! I was not planning on purchasing Cataclysm because of the price, and I still haven't gotten a character to level 80 (I just started up a new character to play with some work friends). I'm so excited I will now get to enjoy the new game features I would not have otherwise gotten to try out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Elves and Dwarves intro is much better

Last night I did a friend and favor and rolled him an elf guardian through the newbie land tutorial instances of Lotro. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did though. What I got instead of drudgery was completely revamped areas, quests, ominous plot buildups, a ton less running around for no reason, and an exciting finale where try to escape a collapsing tomb. They actually went through and added new 3D mob designs for the dourhand dwarves which look much more interesting and grouchy. They changed the countryside and added a dwarven stair shortcut, a dourhand mine, changed the silver deep to more obviously be the source of geodes which are used every year in the dwarven winter festival, and obviously used some of the things they learned from building Moria as well. All in all I give them a gold star for improving it, though at the very beginning there was a bit of talking. They also changed the layout of the text windows so that quest backlog is on one side and requirements are in yellow on the other making it easier for the many many people who don't care to read to just glance at what they need to do to advance while us more literate players can enjoy unadulterated text instead.

And that's just the intro, I wonder what else has changed....

Pummeling Foes in WoW as a team. Also, Dueling.

I play WoW with 2 work friends now.
I'm a holy paladin, they are Mage and Tank Warrior.
We are unstoppable!
Typically in solo play, I would have to run to an enemy, use all my cool abilities, wait for them to recharge, then use them at least a second time to finish it off. Not so here!
In a party of 3 like ours, we would all charge in together, all fire off our abilities at once, and foes would drop almost instantly. It's really exciting to be in an unstoppable team like ours!

Next time, we're trying our first instance, Ragefire Chasm. We might try 3-manning it at level 16/17 each.

Also, I was challenged to my first duel by a random Blood Elf Warrior, he was the same level as me, if not +- 1.
The duel was pretty fun, my first pvp in WoW since 2 years back when I played before. As holy, I healed myself 2-3 times. The Warrior burned a potion, but I didn't mind. It got down to whether or not my next attack would charge next or his, so I spammed my Holy Shock button until the charge was ready, watching our life bars drop...both of us to a sliver! SHOCK! Got him! Pretty exciting. We both laughed after, at just how close that was.