Monday, July 29, 2013

Wish Guild Wars could be... more... something!

I really enjoy Guild Wars 2 and I intend to still play an explore it, I just wish it could be ... more. The combat is intense with npc's and ok against pc's though gear still has too much sway I think rather than skill but its still ok fun. I like the "world changes as you do things" aspect, but it jsut gets me wishing things stayed saved a little longer or that the chains were a bit longer. It seems like the moment I save something and after I defend it for a while it just gets back in jeopardy the moment I turn my back. This breaks the "immersion curtain" and makes me feel like I'm just in a clock instead of a world. I'm not dissing the game. I like it better for world pve than pretty much any other mmo. I just wish it could be "more" of what it is. Maybe Guild Wars 3 will be. Anyways, I also wish the dungeons were lower level as I haven't seen them yet and I don't hear good things on the forums about the first dungeon. One of the things I loved in WoW and Lotro was the dungeons and other group sequences. There are times I've played in group in GW2 but only for convenience of survival to beat some boss or defend someone and it was mostly a flash mob. I've tried to catch my firneds online playing but it seems like we have different schedules. I'll keep trying though.

Other than that I'm really enjoying playing Terraria for our game night and I've been toying with the idea and some day having them play the black pits together with me for game night. That would be interesting. In Terraria I faced the wall of Flesh for the first time last Thursday and he cleaned my clock. I recommend Not touching him. We actually had him half dead when I died though. Maybe next time.. with more friends, most had gone to bed when he showed up. ;)