Friday, September 26, 2008

Warhammer's dungeons

Looks like WAR actually has some dungeons though I hear they are smallish. Here's a site with the list and good info:

Can't wait to try one. I luvs me dungeons. :)

On closer investigation you see that all dungeons except three are tied to the city, making the normal dungeon count rather low. However the fact the city changes so much is kinda cool.

Thallian lives!

So I made a char a week ago named Thallian on Averheim and last night, for the first time, I made contact with one of the officers of Casualties so now my sword master is a member of the guild of champions (who like to talk on web pages a lot) :D. Ty to Grimjakk for the invite.

The bologosphere has spoken

For posterity's sake I thought I'd paste the results of our poll of the bloggers about some game creation issues, and also so I can delete the polls.

#1 Which do you prefer most for party creation in a tactical game?

and you said:

Mandated by the developers. Example: Final Fantasy 2
1 (5%)
Totally created by the player. Example: Final Fantasy 1
4 (21%)
Found through lots of various means except for a main character player: Final Fantasy Tactics
6 (31%)
All characters can be created or modeled but each is unique and has his/her own plot line Example: slightly similar to Fire Emblem
4 (21%)
Classes only have one or two skills they can use in a particular way like Chess
0 (0%)
Build expendable units that can go up a few levels like in Advance Wars or Master of Orion 2
4 (21%)

#2 Ideal Party Size in a tactical game

0 (0%)
10 (55%)
7 (38%)
0 (0%)
a freaking army
1 (5%)

#3 For combat in a tactical game you prefer:

5 simple skill options
8 (50%)
1 or 2 simple skill options (chess)
2 (12%)
combo moves (street fighter/mario rpg style)
2 (12%)
attack only but different types of movement, range and visibility alla advance wars
4 (25%)

So I think its safe to say were gonna stick to 4 or 5 member of a party, 5 simple skill options, but the other one was so close I think we may go one way or another on it. :) Ty for all the help ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This begs investigation

I had heard about this game from some of you bloggers out there so I'm downloading it. Its 7 gigs. If its any good I'll let you know. (as if I needed any more drains on my free time now that WAR is out and Mines of Moria is coming :P)

Amazing Video of Wario Land on Wii

Okay, first of all, I hate Wario...I think he's hideous to look at, and I don't like being the bad guy anyways.

However! I love this video about his new Wii game:

If only it could have been a cooler pro-er-antagonist, maybe I'd try this one out.
Enjoy that video...You must see it, trust me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

WAR and .. Mega Man 9!!!

Mega Man 9 launches tonight! you must buy! (/e uses mind waves on self to make sure self remembers to buy said game) Seriously though its gotten great ratings and I will post a review once I get my grubby little hands on it.

In Other news. WAR is neat, WAR is fun, WAR is good for everyone.

Ok well, not quite good for everyone. If you like soloing or pve raids stick with Lotro, its more funner. Anyways I love my Ironbreaker, (tanking ftw!) and its the first time I've ever seen tanks be so valuable in pvp which is refreshing. Lastly I really enjoy the things I can do on my own, even with people ganking me left and right.

Do not play solo on an open rvr server btw, your asking for it, unless your as shifty as me.

The archmage is ok, the swordmaster is fun but not as good as the ironbreaker, the bright wizard (I prefer to call the burninator) is awesome, just like the sorceress, and the DoK's are good but not as good as people say. As far as the scenarios go, and the intelligence of one side or the other, it varies a lot. Sometimes Order is stupid and sometimes Destruction is. Just depends. I really like the back and forth mechanic of the archmage and shaman. Still need to try a lot of the classes out of course.

Lastly. Where are the CoW's? Every single time I log on they are nowhere to be found. I went down the list from the web page and added a ton of them and they are all offline all the time when I log in. Sad about that but its ok I shall persevere. Some day I may even be invited into the guild I already belong to on the forum :P

Oh and since my box wont arrive until Thursday from amazon cuz I chose free shipping, yeah... wont be back in war for a little bit. You CoW's out there though, you add Thallian to your friend's list ok? And give me a tell when you see me on! I made a SM on the Order server and a DoK on Thorgrim also named Thallian. Pretty plz.. save me from the lonely ether. lol ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't post enough here, so here's what I'm up to...

What I'm doing these days:

Storyboarding a game at a game studio.
Art for two home-made independent game project.
Learning to Crochet, Making a stuffed mouse.
Playing Final Fantasy 4 on DS-Recommended.
Playing Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with my wife-Recommended (One flaw in this game-Fights have too many units, therefore taking up to 2-3 hours for one battle).
Downloaded two games on Wii from Shop Channel...Battle Load Runner-Recommended. Potpourri-Not Recommended.

(I downloaded Battle Load Runner last Saturday when I had 4 friends over to play games. I have a tip: If you ever play a 5-player Virtual Console game, here's how you set it up--You have to access the game from the main Wii menu, and as you click on the game, hold the R button down on one of your gamecube controllers. Then you can select the order of how the game recognizes each wii remote and gamecube controller in a tacky-looking black menu screen...It took me 20 minutes to figure that out with all my friends waiting around, so go try it so you know what to do when you need to. Bomberman '93 is another great 5-player virtual console game.)

Things I want to do but still haven't found time for lately:

Play more Lord of the Rings with Thallian (sorry about that).
Draw a Halloween comic.
Design and make a cool Halloween costume for this year.
Move on to Thallian and my Tactical RPG.

Here's a smile for everybody :)
Spread some cheer today, yourself! (That's my Motivational/Life Improving advice for the day)
And happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Addressing Rune Keeper fears

Straight from the devs' mouths:

for those of you who were worried how a dual class plays out, or lore considerations :)

Armature studio formed

Sorry if this one bores you but I like to keep up on these things.

Retro Studios, the company that built all the Metroid Prime games and knows how to get the most out of the Wii, lost a few of their people after the third one shipped and Apparently they started their own studio which is now backed by EA. Hmm...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

WAR.. news at 11

So personally, I have decided to play WAR some as my pvp game. However, I haven't yet decided to get my own account, I may use my brother's. We're still not sold on whether its worth buying my own account to play with him. My opinion is subject to change, especially if Mythic improves the bugs like my favorite 'target it out of range' when its right in front of me. PQ's need their own remodel. They need a lot of help, especially if your a healer, since healing doesn't count towards victory. I'll just sum up by saying that so far, WAR is much less buggy than Vanguard, but more buggy than any other beta I have ever tried. Bugs aside it has its fun moments, and I already appreciate they took the minimal time and effort to make 3D maps of scenarios for each and every tier of each and every pairing, thus providing a lot of variety. Keen's review has me eager to see the dungeons and also find out how many there really are of those. RVR I haven't yet tried in this game but its prolly similar to the battlegrounds except with siege weapons and maybe some destroyable things like gates and stuff.

The bolt chucker lacks an animation for the dark elves but I hear the other siege weapons are fun to watch work. I have screen shots of the amazing graphical anomalies I have already viewed. I may post them just to give you folks a laugh, like a twisted torso dark elf or one with really really long fingers.

p.s. I enjoyed the disciple of kain and the witch hunter in pvp the most so far. Still need to try the greenskins and some dwarf classes. The stupid white lions are very beefy(takes more hits to kill than they are worth and the trainer cna just summon them right back) so everyone just ignores the pet and kill the user if they can. Still annoying... Umm the stunning environs? I'm spoiled by lotro.. the world isn't very pretty in WAR by comparison(IMO). But its ok. Passable. Like I said way better than Vanguard was at launch and if they fix a few things they should be worth my and everyone's attention in short order. I recommend trying this game after the reviews come out.. but if you hate bugs, wait 6 months. After all, wow launched with plenty of really bad bugs and it still did well. I bet WAR will too. It really feels like EA is forcing them to rush release though. Which is a little sad for gamers, but is just business to the cold blooded execs. WAR will get better over time and I have no fear that it will (barring catastrophic failures) do very well in retail and have enough money backing to improve itself rapidly.

p.p.s. It takes a while for me to develop an itch to play any particular game, be it WoW, Lotro, or now perhaps WAR. Therefore I do not use this as a metric in deciding on how interested in it I am. I do however take into consideration the fun level, and I really have fun in scenarios and rvr, though the pve could be best described as banal. I will probably just play this game when my friends want to and get to lvl 40 easily through killing da enemy :). As for grinding for gear in the end game and scheduled city raids.. I'll pass on that grass. The collision detection works fine (no surprise this is a beginning programming technique after all) I'm of course surprised it has taken online game companies so long to implement this. Can't wait to see Darkfall's physics and system if that game actually launches. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

Well, Google chrome is out.. if you call being in beta "out". I tried it out. Do I recommend this html interpreting device? Nah. Not yet anyways. It feels and behaves like the stole the source code from safari and Firefox and put them in the blender. That's all. Why didn't they go into a joint operation with Mozilla instead and put their features into Firefox? Cuz they want the Google branding on the product, that's why, and they want to get people to use this with Google android and totally replace Microsith..... with yet another operating system, just a web based one. If its fast and all that then well, what do you guys think? Is this something to get worked up over? I still think Microsith is going to dominate the pc gaming industry. All these open source companies don't seem to give a rip about gaming. Even OpenGL has seemed to stall out in recent years. And gaming is the only really good use for a large personal pc at home. Everything else can be done with a tiny portable device.