Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What's going on this year

I've finished the rough draft pictures for all the character classes for my game but my wife has reminded me that someone might steal my art if I share it so I'm not going to share all of them. I'm working on the walking animations now for the warrior class. In the game playing department I've played a bunch of Stardew Valley this year. I highly recommend the game as its very fun and relaxing. I like it more than I liked Rune Factory Frontier which was overly grindy and too hard to marry the girls I was trying to marry, and didn't have the great of a plot either even though its graphics were more polished than Stardew, Stardew has serious charm and cute subplots. The dungeon gets boring pretty quick, though I'm glad its there. And the farming also gets old for me after a year. but the rate at which they give you new things to farm or raise is almost right, and the world is fin to explore and there are enough new things the characters say to keep you entertained for a good long while.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trip to Japan

So I went to Japan last month for two weeks. It was really neat. They have really fast quiet trains (with video game commercials running on the walls inside and outside on the buildings), and quiet polite people, usually. The food was ok, I'm spoiled cuz I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I think our Americanized Japanese food is slightly better. Which is unusual since most countries I visit I think the authentic food is better than the Americanized stuff. Italy definitely follows that paradigm. Anyways so I was shopping over there in the malls for knickknacks and  I looked in the video games section cuz I have to, its Japan right? And I noticed that the prices are astronomical every place I looked just for the games. Makes me really glad to be living in the US. I'm attaching a picture for your reference.

Now just divide everything by 100 to get an idea of how much everything costs in dollars (yes I know the exchange rate isn't exactly that but its close)

68 dollars to buy Zelda Breath of the Wild (52.99 online in the US), 96 to buy that other game, 85 for Heroes 3, even the cheapest games were 47 bucks. Ouch, those poor Japanese gamers. At least it looks like they had the switch in stock but maybe that was just the display copy :)

Anyways, if you ever go to Japan, definitely visit in the spring, the flowers are gorgeous and the weather is nicest I think