Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two pieces of actual gaming news

From the depths of the internet I bring you two pieces of actual gaming news.

The first is that I have bought Baldur's gate from Overhauls Games/Beamdog early a few days before it launched and was pretty excited to play ti with my brothers but they promptly delayed its release until November 30. I view this as annoying but a good move if it results in better plot, less bugs, and more language versions since it will bring more revenue for them and enable them to overhaul the other old obsidian games.

Secondly and not less interesting to people like me, Obsidian is planning a new tactical RPG wth new graphics and modern systems. Maybe they will use the new DnD Tobold has been talking about I dunno. Anyways you can read about it at this link here:

But I can tell you I will definitely be buying it if it isn't rated M, or worse...

I have enjoyed all their games like this style though and I think they should be given more shots at doing what they are good at. I really like that Kickstarter is working for them and so many others. I think Kickstarter really was enabled by Steam (at least initally, I know there are other digital download services like Gamers Gate, Gamefly, Beamdog, etc...) but I believe Steam came first. And without a digital download service, the sheer business viability of starting up things with brick and mortar stores and physical media was too expensive. This assertion of correlation is of course impossible to prove or disprove, but I think there was one. At any rate its good to be blogging about something excitedly again. The video game scene has been too boring as of late, with MOTS games poping up all over the place (MoreOfTheSame) Innovation = risk though and risk adverseness is what made EA the biggest, most financially successful game company on the planet. Incidentally I now work near EA. I found it on accident while exploring in some side streets near my office in RL (Real Life). They have a huge multi floor parking garage.