Thursday, January 31, 2008

Opening Day of Thallian's Blog!

Hey all you Bloganators out there! I am not sure what to say on my opening day except the following rant: There are not enough good blogs out there so I am goign to endeavor to add to the pile in a meaningful way. There is an especial dearth of MMO blogs that mean much with about 25 exceptions and theres only one or two of those covering Lotro anymore, a game which I enjoy, so I wanna talk about it. Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online) is getting a very cool expansion next month and has been gettign what I would call A+ expansions to a game that was maybe a B game at launch and so was written off by many people. Anyways its grade point average is going up slowly. And I am a patient person so I can put up with it not being the very best game out there in all regards. I have played wow to a pulp and I'm through with it, thats old news. Good game but it never really changes. I have played Runescape (good pve experience for an old crappy graphics game) and some CoH (very fun game for a little bit, gets old in two months or so) I have developed my own single player Rpgs with an artist friend of mine, and blah, blah yakkety smaketty, oh, what's that? You didnt come here to hear my life story? You want to hear some scintillating discussion and then make snide remarks? Well go right ahead. I warn you though, no dropping the f-bomb and no viagra or gold spam. Those will be deleted like strong bad's emails !!!!! I doubt anyone will even see this blog for a while so I better keep posting good stuff to build up a rabid fan base :) Anyways I'm really looking forward to book 12 of Lotro and its mostly because it should add some rvr esque excitement in the Moors, fighting over the new Delving of Fror. If anyone is reading this, and knows what I am talking about, do you think the Delving of Fror will make much of a difference to the excitement level in the game and how much fun it is to play? Do you feel that the Rift was a good thing to add to the game? People like me who havent tried think so just becauseof the excitement level it has caused although I dont like my games to become jobs and raiding has a tendency to do just that. I have watched my brother do it though and it seems like its the pimp shiz and like I could pug a run if I wanted to wait a lil bit getting 12 people together. Lemme know if anyone is out there :)

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