Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thallian is Awesome... OK Anton is too

And in other news.. Yes I'm awesome! I just had a good job interview today so hopefully I'll have a new job soon and can have some free time to blog at home instead of all this job hunting I've been doing.

Secondly, I've done a couple changes to the blog. Now anyone can post comments, even anonymous people, hooray! Due to a certain Chinese spammer though, I've decided to turn on comment moderation. His comments will no longer plague our website. And to (mis)quote him directly "dripping water does not always cut through the toughest stone, if you shut the faucet off!" If we go a year without spam I might consider turning moderation off again.


Jayedub said...

Excellent, best of luck to you on the job!

Thallian said...

thanks Jaye!

Oakstout said...

First I want to say, best of luck on the job thingie. Money is always important if you like having a roof over your head and food in your belly. lol

I actually did the same to my blog. Apparently some of my readers didn't like having to use their Google ID which I can respec, so I turned off the safety features. But I did go a step further and decided against having to moderate. Since I have to be away from the computer, I didn't want to have timely comments blocked by my inability to moderate them effectively.

I have yet to get any spam but then again, my site isn't as heavily trafficed as yours might be.

Thallian said...

Thank you Oakey! No spam? You lucky dog! I've been getting from several people for some reason. I just got a confirmed offer so I'm going to go to Casa Orozco tonight to partay with my family!