Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Much Game!

We got Beatles Rockband in December as an early Christmas present. My then 2-year-old son fell in love with the game so much, that now all he wants to do is rock out. Guitar, Drums, and Microphones are pretty much the only toys he ever wants to play with.

Somewhere along the line, we stopped actually playing the game, and started to just listen to/sing/play the songs ourselves. I hardly ever play Beatles Rockband any more, but I am always singing the music. As I stopped to think about this, I realized that lately, every time the idea to turn on the game has come to my mind, I instead would prefer to just play my real guitar that I got, or just sing the songs.

The game is old for us. We can hardly stand to turn it on...yet we still love it.

Anybody have experiences where you entirely love a game, but you've played it so much you couldn't stand to turn it on again?

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Keen said...

Yeah, this is the case for me with many games but mostly action RPG's. I just sum it all up as burnout.