Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another vote for Magicka

Anton pointed me towards Magicka so I tried it and I am very impressed. Apparently it uses the same technology I was using to make our game, XNA creation studio. at 10 bucks, its worth checking out for anyone. Plenty of humor and creative spell casting with many combinations of elements. It gets an A for the day in my book.


mbp said...

I love Magicka. It just oozes manic creativity. I found the single player game tough enough but great fun none the less. Multiplayer is just chaotic. The game was quite buggy on launch unfortunately but it has been patched regularly since.

Anton said...

Hooray for someone finally making a game about magic that doesn't have MP in it! It's a wanna-be wizard's dream come true.

And yes, it's a steal at $10...I have clocked 17 hours and I'm still not done enjoying it.