Friday, April 29, 2011

Two more to look out for (maybe)

Marvel Universe Online (could be fun!) Is back in development and coming out sometime.. soon-"tm". Partricualrly intersting was this interview with the guy writing the story, Brian Bendis. I'll sum up for you if you don't want to read it:

The game will be Free to Play, it will be aimed at adults, not kids, and it will be female friendly. (Hopefully I can get my wife to play, if it's good) It will allow you to play your favorite marvel characters.. I hope it lets you make your own also though. Yes I know, I'm counter-cultural. And Maybe they will section off all the wolverines into their own instances to keep them from meeting or something.. lol (I doubt it.)

Second, in open beta today is Wakfu, a turn based strategy MMO with Square helping but mainly pproduced by Ankama games I believe. something I am definitely going to try since I liked the concept behind Dofus but it was too shallow of strategy for me to really enjoy.

Lastly..I'm having a housewarming party in our new home tomorrow. Cooking lots of yummy Filipino food tonight. Have a good weekend!

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