Monday, April 2, 2012

An MMO you can actually BEAT!

Ever get tired of MMO's that you can never ever win in a thousand years? Just want to pummel the boss of the game and be done with it? Well now you can! Play Browser Quest, the MMO powered by HTML 5. Or use its source code to make your own mmo!

Have fun. Here's a screen shot of me after I beat the boss in under 30 minutes and got the best armor and best sword.

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Cap'n John said...

That screenshot looks like it's taken from Zelda:Ocarina of Time. Not that there's anything wrong with that :D

Speaking of Zelda, with no PC at the moment I broke out Twilight Princess last night and finished the second-to-last Dungeon. I might beat this game yet, and in record time, too, I might add ;)