Sunday, June 24, 2012

You should watch Secret of Kells

You should watch Secret of Kells. Its a great little piece of work with an Irish mythological flavor, and if you have Netflix you can watch it any time.  Here's a trailer:

I love the hand drawn aesthetic.

Aislings song is pretty too.

Umm in video game news, I've been working to death for my job, but I am at the giant squid boss at the end of whale island in Rune Factory, I'm stuck on a bridge to Daien in hard mode on Fire Emblem, and on Lotro I'm stuck at lvl 67 or something like that cuz I've been playing my hunter instead, doing the Epic quests solo that I could never get anyone to do with me before (I'm on book 14 I think). I still want to try out Guild Wars 2.

Lastly, My new baby, Luke, is so cute when he laughs, and he laughs whenever I make farting noises, how cool is that?

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Shawn Kelly said...

I can't wait for Guildwars 2. I'm lost without a game to play.