Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm not dead, yet, ... I got better!

Hi Virtual Sports Fans,

Coming to you live, not dead, from a long day of work here. I 've been mostly playing non-MMO games lately. My Life as a DarkLord is entertaining me a little but it certainly isn't the most cleverly designed Tower defense game ever made, as there are only a few ways to win certain levels but I like the Final Fantasy theme and music. Yes I know, it came out in 2009 and you want 'news' not 'olds' but I just was able to afford it. This is the 'budget users' MMO + random gaming blog after all ;)

I dug up some old games and started playing Harvest moon (the game cube one) again and was reminded that it wasn't a bad game. They definitely improved some things in rune factory but actually I like having the marriage thing be not quite so ridiculously hard to accomplish and not take so long. I can only handle so much grinding before things get tiresome. (I spent a year on rune factory frontier and the girls still didn't say yes) I also found animal crossing, and have been showing my wife Chrono Trigger which she had of course never played before.

I haven;t heard tell of any MMOs lately that really get me excited. I did enjoy Guild Wars for a bit but it doesn't really have the same charm that WoW (vanilla) did and I am interested to see what Blizzard cooks up next with Titan or after it. I have kind of fallen out of Lord of the Rings online even though I spent years in there and I haven't sworn it off or anything I just don't have a working computer that would run it. Gotta save save save the bucks right now since buying a minivan for our new baby arrival was a higher priority. They do have nice desktops and even laptops sometimes at Frys though for 600 bucks or so if I just save 6 birthdays worth.... Its gonna be a while.

In Big COOL news, there's Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition coming out the 15th (four days) but I cannot afford it. I will of course be asking for it for Christmas along with some more necessary things...

That's all the news I have so far. Oh I played Bastion until I got tired of clicking like mad. The game is ok. I love the art but the plot is not really riveting stuff.

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