Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blizzard Cancels Titan

Blizzard just announced that it is canceling Titan, an MMO many have been looking forward to for years. I must admit I am disappointed as I did enjoy WoW Vanilla but I also feel bad for all those folks who were waiting for this for a long long time. I personally think if it wasn't fun they should have canceled it a long time ago like after three years of development and come up with a new idea. This kind of thing would sink a smaller company easily but its amazing after wasting so much time, money and effort how easily they shrug it off. I personally think there are very few companies capable of doing an MMO correctly, and if Blizzard fails that means theres even less chance of seeing a good one soon. But I have heard good things about FF online (the newest one) from Anton and some good things from my brothers about another MMo they are playing so there may yet be hope.

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Anton said...

Yep, I've been playing FFXIV:ARR since its launch about 14 months ago...this is the longest running I've ever had in any MMO, and I'm pretty devoted to it now. They are putting out patches every 3 months with tons of new dungeons, boss fights, and storylines, and the game's visuals are amazing. Highly recommended.

Thallian said...

Sounds neat Anton. My brothers are playing ArcheAge. Which looks like RuneFactor the MMO. I need to check both out sometime before they run out of popularity completely.