Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big pics!

Aww hes so cute! I think he wants to play... (Balrog Fight)

Oooo so thats whats on the other side... (Barad Gularan in Angmar)

Do you think this is my good side? (Close up of Tordekel in Bree)

Newbie hunter in newbie dungeon sequence with Dwalin

oooo pretty.... someone get me another keg of fire whiskey. (Aurora Borealis in night Forochel sky

Annuminas in the Evening

I think we came from that way.. no maybe it was that way! (Dark Dungeon Delving with the Dudes and Dudettes)

High Kings Crossing at dusk

I may have figured out how to post big pics now :) Make sure to read the alt tags by mousing over. (That only works in IE for some reason)


Dave said...

lol hey guys, wow thanks for those screenshots! After quitting LOTRO very early this year it is quite nice to see the game progressing. My dad and I dumped the game because there was not nearly enough end game content. Looks like they've fixed that but now its too late..waiting on WAR now!
Thanks for bringing back some fond memories, and keep up the blog.

Thallian said...

Your welcome! I'll try to put up some monster play ones in another month or so. The next ones will probably be about the game were making tho :)

Aspendawn said...

Nice shots. Visually, LotRO is probably one of the prettiest MMO's I've played. They have such beautiful places. I still remember being awestruck seeing Rivendell for the first time. Good stuff :)

The Wicked Messenger said...

Very nice screenshots :). Lotro looks great, shame I found the game a little boring.

Thallian said...

I actually found it boring during the beta and even half a year after sometimes. It has really changed recently though. Hardly can find time to be bored if you know everything thats going on. Yeah I agree it is gorgeous and I REALLY can't wait to see how Moria and Lothlorien are rendered come September/October, let alone Rohan, Gondor, Mirkwood, Fanghorn Forest and Mordor :) (maybe Mordor will be a creeps only area :P)

Thallian said...

I've always thought session play as a member of the fellowship or someone close to them like Faramir or Gollum would really be fun too. Maybe you have to track down frodo and sam, fight him for the ring and then jump into the lava :P. (prolly getting too creative for them to handle here)

Thallian said...

ty for compliments btw

Hudson said...

DOH what happened to the screens I didnt see em? Or maybe my work is blocking the host...BAH

Thallian said...

I dunno they are still showing up for me, try at home maybe?