Friday, August 22, 2008

Too sleepy

Too sleepy to blog lately.... Ok well it might sound like a lame excuse but its true today. So there :P I am not in the preview weekend so I wont get to try Warhammer until the 7th. I do have the client downloaded tho. That duck is in a row at least. And Lotro had a large patch last night that fixed a number of annoying things. I really need to get Rumples in gear and finish book 13 so I can try out book 14. All told I have too much fun to have and not enough time to have it. right now jsut finished wathcing the first season of Rurouni Kenshin with my GF :). I HIGHLY recommend watching the first two seasons. They are very entertaining and high quality anime. I've known about them for a long time but am re-watching them cuz my GF hasn't seen them yet :)


Oakstout said...

I've been looking for Battle Angel on DVD. I had a copy of the first few episodes on VHS. I'm not sure how many they did, but its my favorite anime. I don't really own any, but I've been looking for something to interest me. I have Akira, but who doesn't? lol

I've often thought of getting Star Blazers or Gatchaman but I have been unable to find those in stores.

Anyway, I should have you recommend something lol.

Sorry you didn't make the Preview weekend. It was fun. Just remember to hook up with us once you get the Open Beta going.

Thallian said...

:) I haven't tried those ones yet. I made a new post just for you, (and any other anime fans out there) I'll definitely try out Open Beta tho I'm gonna be super busy with weddings and flying all over the U.S.

p.s. you buy the dvds here:

I get the cheapest ones there ;)