Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WAR's Looong term impact (also speculative)

WAR will change a number of things I hope. It will change the boring, closed minded corporate idea that only pve based MMO's can make money. It will also change the way people perceive what pvp can mean and open world pvp can mean to some extent since most people didn't really play DAoC who play MMO's currently. It will possibly force Blizzard to innovate or just steal some more ideas. It will possibly force Turbine to innovate more or start a sad decline. It will be on every kid, teenager, young adult and older adults' pc for this year and so on until it peters out. They will hopefully come up with a console version with voice chat for the Xbox, the most online game friendly platform out. WAR will eventually get directX10 and become a contender in graphics with the big boys and probably even upgrade to directX11 when that comes out. WAR will be fun. and it will have a fresh world, and lots of races and classes, like Vanguard. Only more funner.

The Public quest system will be interesting and may have some long term ramifications on how things work in future MMO's it may even become a standard, just as traits have become a part of Warhammer's Book of Knowledge or whatever its called. Open dungeons may also work well, we'll see.

p.s. I'm not trying to be a fanboy or too negative or too positive, just trying to realistic.


Zubon said...

I'm expecting the public quest system to be the big, long-term thing. If that works out well, it joins the "standard feature" list. If it doesn't, well, thanks for the experiment.

The new edition of RvR could also be interesting, but I don't know how much it will differ from the existing implementations in practice. But then, this is outside my specialty, since I have not been following WAR closely. It looks interesting, more so than the DAoC/LotRO model of trading keeps around as people get home from work and go to bed, so we'll see how it holds up against those and the CoX/AoC scheduled guild fights (not that they happen/work/matter in CoX).

Thallian said...

Yea Zube, the trading keep system I am very much in favor of. Its the scheduled city sieges that sound like a sucky idea to me. (City seiges are currently planned to be scheduled and only occure once a month and only if you are holding three keeps) Scheduling fights once a month = boring. What if I miss it? Almost every time? Then I know what its like but I get very little remuneration from doing it and my motivation wanes. Why cant they just let us sack the city after holding the keeps for a certain length of time? I wonder how it will play out if you are not in the large guilds also. Many many questions.

Thallian said...

*why can't they just let us sack a city spontaneously after holding the keeps for a certain length of time and leave the strike time up to us? The defenders will know when it is vulnerable and will have to stay on their guard if they care about it. (though not much has yet convinced me that they will care except for getting kills while defending it.)