Monday, July 13, 2009

Introducing...Thallian And Anton!

Some character introductions are in order! Of course, the first characters are...Us!
Hey, if we're going to make a game...We get to be the stars if we want to, right?

Thallian-A Dragon Rider whose special bond with an ancient dragon has granted him immense power. Thallian doesn't take things very seriously which can get him into a lot of trouble. Especially with the dragon who shares his lifeline. Most Similar Class: Knight.

Anton-A Holy Knight with the power to fight off the servants of Death that take souls to the underworld. With the enemy coveting his great power over death, he has become a target for capture by the evil wizard Maylek. Most Similar Class: Priest.


Thallian said...

Most Similar Class: Knight? I thought it would be Dragoon Warrior for me and Paladin for you? Oh well :P

Anton said...

To cut back on the work, we're reducing number of classes to 4 generic and 4 hero classes.

Paladin and Dragon Warrior got removed, sorry!

Chappo said...

Thats not a priest, he has a sword!

Anton said...

I said he's a Holy Knight, and the most similar class to Holy Knight is Priest in our game...But you're right, he's NOT a Priest.

Chappo said...

Holy Knight sounds like a very obvious name for someone trying not to call it a paladin. ;D

Anton said...

Not so much avoiding the term as a simple preference for me. Paladin makes me think of a big group of heroes all together bonded in some kind of brotherhood. My concept for Anton is that he's a knight who happens to have a special power that makes him unique from anyone else.