Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Reminder: Mother's Day Sunday!

Take a break from Video Games this Sunday! It's Mother's Day! And remember, your wife will expect the following (even if you do not have children, this should apply):

1 flowers (Must)
2 a treat
3 a favor (extra chore from normal)
4 some embarrassing creative thing like a poem, song, drawing, etc.
5 a card
6 your spare time all day
7 a simple (or elaborate) gift

Personally, I think you can get all of this for $15 (Single rose, small chocolates, make your own card, small gift), but if you have the money, by all means, go nuts.

Enjoy Mother's Day!


Thallian said...

Personally I think flowers and a chore plus a nice meal are more than enough, but there's alwyas a discrepancy between what they'd like and what we do ;). I'm on triple duty this year, got two moms and my wife now.

Anton said...

Nope, Thallian. Not enough. You're wrong. ;) Hehe!