Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Any good games?

So this is a blog post asking my fellow bloggers what good games they have heard of that are coming out soon. (Don't have to be MMO's) It will be shopping season for us soon and I'd like to know what's cooking.

As a side note... I think the new dungeon feature in Lotro is cool but the first dungeon has a bugged encounter in one wing (the maze) A word to the wise, before you take on the master elite barrow wight, tell everyone to stay downstairs or the encounter will reset annoyingly.


Chappo said...

Minecraft fool
Get on it! :D

Thallian said...

Thanks Chappo. Just so you know, I looked it up when you said but I haven't downloaded it yet. I'll try to do that tonight if I get some time to myself

Anonymous said...

Check out perpetuum: I'm loving it so far, release is about to go live! Think eve meets mechwarrior.