Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lotro gets expensive

So I didn't know this before but apparently my PTP (Pay to play) friends are getting reamed by Turbine. Turbine charges you (in Turbine points) for every mount riding ability you want to earn with every character you play with. A number of other things like that are going on too. I'm ok with charging one time fees for content or dinging stupid people for perks that don't help or for potions but some of this stuff is ridiculous... Honestly.. speeding up deeds? Cmon... How low can you go? (Sing it with me now!)

(they also ding you for shared bank storage and the two extra classes which were part of Moria. (Not surprised on the classes one, I had to pay for them too..)

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Cap'n John said...

I got my copy of Mines of Moria in the mail last night, but I'd heard that if you're a VIP when you ding 20 you get a quest for your Mount, instead of having to buy it. I'm only 13 or so right now so I'm holding off on activating/upgrading my account.