Thursday, November 11, 2010

WoW for a week

I just got an email from Blizzard, inviting me to play 7 days of WoW before Cataclysm comes out...I'm actually excited about this because I was only recently in another lull of missing WoW but not having spending money available for additional games. Yay for free game time!

It seems like a really good marketing ploy to hand out free game time to people whose accounts have been inactive for long periods of time. Smart thinking, Blizzard...I'm somewhat tempted to keep playing, though I would need spending money again...we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Hey Thallian
It's Stone(Slate dwarf rogue) not sure if you remember me or dawgmuh at all but if your looking to play we are on Stormscale server horde side.

Hope to see you on

Anton said...

Stone, this is Anton, I posted the message...Thallian plays LOTRO, I believe. He'll probably reply to this anyways to say hi (right Thallian??)

But hey, maybe I'll come looking for you later! See you around!

Thallian said...

Hey Stone! Heck yeah I remember you. I'll try to catch you on IM sometime soon. I wish I could play WoW again but my cash is frozen cuz we're saving for a house. The only reason I can play Lotro is I have a lifetime account. Did you guys start a guild there or you just found one? Being horde is the best!

Anton said...

Hey, you can still play a 10-day trial, if someone uses the Scroll of Resurrection on you...It includes content up through Burning Crusade, why not play for a week, Thallian?

Everybody I am playing with now is horde, so I made a Blood Elf Death Knight on Sisters of Elune to play with one friend, and I'm going to make a Blood Elf Paladin on Azjul-Nerub. to play with another friend... I'm now planning on subscribing again next month, but not buying Cataclysm...I still have plenty to enjoy from the original game and the other 2 expansions!