Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WoW Cataclysm...Tricked me to play again, ha

With a free 7-days of WoW offer in my mailbox, I ended up connecting with work friends and did in fact re-subscribe after 2 years of avoiding it to save money.

Anyways, Cataclysm is here...Half of Stormwind is gone and there's a Tauren settlement squeezed into the back of Orgrimmar. It's definitely a new world! Dalaran in Northrend no longer has portals to the other parts of the world. A few mages were making a killing in gold offereing portals, I happy traded 5 gold to go see the changes in Stormwind.

I'm currently focusing on a new character, now level 13, a blood elf named Alida on Azjol-Nerub, along with two work friends, we're going to play through the early content and see what's new!


Tesh said...

I fired up yet another ten day trial, this time attempting a Troll Druid to see the new Troll capital and see if my little girl likes the "gummi bear" shapeshifting. (Troll bears have some wild colors.)

It's funny... I really do like the game overall. I see a lot of negatives in it, but the good outweighs the bad. If they would just drop the subscription model, I'd probably be playing it quite a bit. I think the Cataclysm was a good idea, and I'd like to see it succeed... as one more step to a living, breathing, *changeable* world.

As it is, I play a bit here and there in trials and in between, play Minecraft with my daughter. She loves that game even more than she loves the Druid Travel form. :)

Chappo said...

I think 90% of everyone who likes MMOs is going to be trying it out.
Myself did RaF for like the 5th time with my friend and got my lovely undead warrior to 80 + 450 mining and engineering just for Catas.
Pretty pumped for it. :P

Anton said...

I wish I could say I had time to play more, but in the last two weeks I've maybe gotten to play three 2-hour sessions. Hope to get some play time in this week before I go on another week-long trip next week...Yikes...holidays! Why do they interfere so much we nerdiness? ;)