Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Brief Respite

Sorry for the lack in postage. I have been over my head with work, the kind that pays the bills. I had no weekend last weekend due to an emergency. Hopefully it will get worked through and things will be fine. (Knock on wood, crosses fingers) We've made a lot of progress though and the dust is clearing now thanks to a lot of heroic efforts. I am VERY glad to have a weekend this time around though. My wife and I did Bruinen Ford skirmish for the first time a couple days ago and she really enjoyed it, even though we got creamed the first time. I going to play Total Annihilation now on GameRanger with some friends from work. Will prolly play Dungeon Seige next week, and I hope I get Anton in on the action for an hour too. The more the merrier ;)


Oakstout said...

The original Dungeon Siege? Loved that game. The music was nice and the game play was just great. I could spend hours in that world rocking my little toon. Too bad they ruined it with the second one.

Thallian said...

Yeah, the original one :) What is wrong with the second one? I've never tried it so I'm curious. The first one supports 8 player multiplayer which is simply awesome.