Monday, January 17, 2011

Cataclysm Screenshots

Okay! I finally fulfilled my promise. Screenshots of my goblin, Ozari. I must say, I was very impressed with the goblin starting zones. It's a story-based portion of the game, where you begin as the most popular goblin in Kezan--Your supporters want you to become the prince/princess of Kezan. But too late for that! Enter Deathwing, and the rest is a long escape/survival story, with support from the Orcs of the Horde. I wound up in Orgrimmar around level 11, quite attached to my new character, who is now at level 17.


Tesh said...

Nice shots. :) I really liked the tropical island area, and took a ton of screenshots. The storyline is well done and interesting, though I don't much care for Gallywix and Thrall seemed pretty brain dead.

It clashes very strongly with the nature of an MMO, though, and I found myself wishing that Blizzard would just go ahead and make a single player RPG and be done with it.

Anton said...

Hehe, it seems like they're already making a single player RPG lots of the time. But I make it a point to play with a friend every time. If not for the group aspect, I would be playing something else, for sure.

Thallian said...

I concur, sweet shots. Sometimes single player style storytelling makes the best shared experience IMO.