Friday, May 27, 2011

Addicted to League of Legends!

For the last month, I've been specializing in playing Lux in League of Legends. I recommend the game to anyone who likes a real challenge and a fast-paced game with a high-fantasy feel. You have to like PvP. I never tried PvP in WoW and I might have liked that based on what I've found in League of Legends.

About the game:

League of Legends is a PvP 5v5 game that has a similar look to Warcraft 3 (it originated as a Warcraft 3 mod, in fact). But you only play one character instead of building structures and recruiting dozens/hundreds of characters.

Each team defends a base. There are three roads you can take to get to the other team's base, and each road has turrets that must be destroyed to move forward.

During a game, which lasts about 40-60 minutes, you "lane" with another player on either the top or bottom road, leveling up your character fighting enemy minions while trying to score hits on opposing players from the other team in an attempt to slow their leveling.

After a certain level is obtained, each team starts to group up and ambush players from the other team, enabling them an advantage with which they can take out more of the enemy turrets until they get near enough to destroy the enemy base.

Along the way, you also earn gold for buying items to enhance your character. And you can go into the in-between places between the roads to find neutral monsters that grant temporary bonuses to your strength.

I have played about 65 matches in the last 6-8 weeks. It's a heart-pounding game that always leaves me wanting another match.

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