Friday, July 29, 2011

Yes, I am still playing video games..

And no, I'm not dead yet!

Sorry for the dearth of blog posts. I haven't really had much to blog about lately. I've tried a number of free MMO's, none of which was worth writing about. I have tried to solo in Champions Online since I can't get two computers working so that at the least my wife can join me but the classes I choose (mind and glacier) just aren't so great at soloing. And when you are out of stars(you lose a star every time you die and it affects your ability ot do damage and take damage), it starts to feel like a hopeless cause. I need to get our home computer fixed so that the universe will be right again.

I am really enjoying Rune Factory Frontier. It launched in winter of 2009 and is a fun little game which has a marriage, dungeon and farming system as well as fishing, forging, cooking, and more. It has festivals, lumberjacking, mining, etc.. Very similar to harvest moon. Just more dungeon stuff added in. And more mysterious events, so its a little less peaceful.

I am also really enjoying Fire Emblem. I just borrowed the new Fire Emblem for the Wii from my dad (Radiant Dawn) which continues the story. More on that later. I'm really looking forward to trying out the following MMOs: City of Heroes free to play, and Dragon's Nest sometimes in August (I don't play beta's anymore so I'm waiting for official launches...)

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Anton said...

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn seemed like a good game at first, but it failed to meet my expectations when every battle introduced half a dozen new characters. It really didn't feel like you had any control over your party, and it was a bunch of very slowww trial-and-error puzzles more than really being tactical or RPG-like.

The problem I had with Rune Factory Frontier was the horrid grind involved. There were seemingly exciting things to do, like get crops and relationships and adventures--And maybe I was just playing it wrong--But it seemed like I could go back to the dungeon every "day" over and over and each time I would have enough stamina to take about 2 steps further into the dungeon the next day. The stamina stat was highly limiting.