Thursday, September 1, 2011

STO going FTP!

This December maybe I will be going where everyone else in the blogosphere has gone before. Star Trek Online is going Free to Play, which means I will definitely be trying it out. Anton's adventures in the game have of course already perked my interest but I also need to mention that while I was bed ridden for a week or two last Winter with an auto-immune illness called Guillien Berre' syndrome, I watched all of the Next Generation seasons :) (as well as Xmen the animated series)

My wife and I are now big Star Trek fans, and will be possibly making some small donations of time and money to this game soon. I am chomping at the bit for City of Heroes to come out. Can't wait!


Jayedub said...

I enjoyed my free month of STO, but I never felt like there was the content to compel me to pay a monthly sub. But now that it's going f2p I will probably play the heck out of the game.

Anton said...

Awesome! I was actually planning on playing this myself, as soon as I finished with the indie game I'm working on. I already bought the boxed game, but haven't activated the 30 days of game time yet. Will probably get a head start before it goes f2p.

Tesh said...

Longasc and a Steam sale finally convinced me to play the game a couple of months ago. I really like it, but I still hate subs. With the game joining the F2P stable, I'm going to go back and revisit it and probably spend a bit of money on it. I think they deserve that, just not a sub.

It's a good game with a decent Trek vibe and good graphics. That's all I really need from it. I'm Korikt@tishtoshtesh over there. :)

Thallian said...

I'll add you each to friends there once it does :) Make sure to tell me your callsign.