Monday, September 12, 2011

New way to get Adobe products!

Just got a new tablet pc, so I needed software. By checking, I noticed a new pay feature...You can now pay monthly. Even where I work, other artists were not aware so I'm sharing the discovery.

The monthly payment lets you subscribe to Adobe products. Any of their collections or individual pieces of software can be paid for monthly. If you commit to a year's subscription, the fee is about 30% less than a single month.

I will be using Flash primarily, and Photoshop, with Illustrator occasionally. So I subscribed for 1 year to the Web Premium edition for $95/month vs the $1800 it would have cost to buy.

I get the latest version, CS 5.5 and after a year I may just purchase CS 6 when it comes out. This was a great way to spread out the spending, especially since I also just bought the pc.

If I ever needed to use After Effects for a project, I could subscribe for a month or 2. I'm really excited about the new subscription offer.


mbp said...

Interesting development and once that makes sense for Adobe given their business customer focus. What sort of drm comes with this? I assume the software stops working once you stop paying but do you need always on internet to verify? Can you install on multiple devices (laptop and desktop for example?)

Anton said...

Not sure, I imagine it would use the date on your computer clock if you were offline, you do not have to always be online, that would destroy my whole purpose of taking it with me on a tablet, and it's working fine.

I believe you can install on two machines with the same user. I've never known Adobe to use strict drm past the initial registration. I downloaded the software from adobe's website and they emailed me a serial number and that was it.