Friday, November 4, 2011

Trying out things

Hi All,

Lately I've been trying a lot of games. I'm still downloading DCUniverse Online. It takes forever. I am trying out City of Heroes with my siblings and wife. It still has a fun groove to it, but I think I liked the old intro more. I tried Lego Universe and Puzzle Pirates. Puzzle Pirates is cute and a nice source of free puzzle games. Lego Universe is good looking, works well, well, executed, polished, and.... not very much fun. I think this is why they just announced that they are going out of business. In spite of being an adult, I like to create things. But Lego Universe is mostly about dodging things and whacking monsters, not building creatively, as far as I could tell. Oh yes, and doing quests, World of Warcraft style.

I've read in the news that Star Trek Online may not make it to FTP launch as they are laying people off as we speak. And sorry Lotro fans, I haven't explored the new content of Isengard yet but you can be sure I'll get some nice screenshots up when I do. Instead I've been doing a once a week group that is level 12 right now.. gonna be a while before we do anything that's new for me.

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