Friday, December 9, 2011

Having fun, taking names.

I've been doing the Volume 3 book 3 chapters of Lotro lately, they were ok soloing adventure type stuff. I kind of miss forced grouping though. There's no motivation to even get a small group of my friends, who I have already made, together to do anything really. I am enjoying Fire Emblem still, although I do see Anton's point that it is very much like a trial and error puzzle, I don't mind that. I'm doing it on hard mode, where I have to reload all the time cuz people keep getting killed unless I'm super careful. And I agree with Anton that Rune Factory is grindy, but its also very relaxing so I like that, and I'm incredibly patient so I don't mind the slow going. (Although the relationships should have had more stuff programmed in along the way).

My family has warned me not to get any Wii games so I may be in for a haul this Christmas. We'll see what happens. I got Rune Factory last year and played it all year round. I also got Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and only played that for like 3 days. I'm still trying to get into Monster Hunter but the inability to save easily until the end of missions makes it unfriendly to my family life where I sometimes have to drop everything  immediately due to some "emergency" or other. With Lotro at least it saves some progress if I drop everything and shut it down. Anyways, MMO's are kind of not very family friendly for that reason IMO.

I tried out DCUniverse On;line in pvp mode and got ganked to death. Then I tried it in PVE mode and it was ok. But, the combat, while fun for a bit, gets just as boring as any MMO's combat pretty quickly. And the plot of the game is very very methodical, so I wasn't really hooked. Can't wait to play some Icewind Dale 2 with my family over Christmas break, given the time to do so.

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