Thursday, January 5, 2012

Star Trek Online and Vindictus

Star Trek Online - Verdict: Slow, could not find players to join groups, good visuals, will be free to play soon, good potential if you get into it.

Vindicuts - Verdict: Try it out. Intense multiplayer action for free!

UPDATE! Cryptic Studios refunded my 2 months I was charged when I was not playing after I threatened to write this post that I have already written. Well, cut them some slack. They do care after all. I will say, to give them some positives, that the visuals of the game are awesome, character creation is very fun, and I did not play long enough to get into it, but I imagine further into the game it gets more interesting. There is also something called the Mission Architect that lets you write your own Star Trek episodes and invite other players to try them out. They are doing some interesting things. The game's site says will be free to play later this month, I believe, though originally it was said to be free to play a month or two ago.

I bought STO for $10 and planned to use the first 30 day included time to try it out, then most likely just be done. They tricked me, though...Even if you want to use just the free 30 days, you have to enter a credit card. And then you have to wait 24 hours to remove the card, in which time I forgot and ended up paying $30 for 2 months before realizing I was still subscribed.

*Rage comments removed after being refunded

Vindictus, however, was a total surprise. Combat is action-hack-n-slash, the graphics are fantastic--I would compare the character and environment art to the Monster Hunter series, though the computer has an extra couple layers of rendering polish which surprisingly my 5-year-old machine seemed to handle incredibly well. Quests are queued up from a shipyard in the hub town area, and you can set party size and join parties for certain levels. Check out a youTube video of gameplay and you might be swayed to dowload it.


Thallian said...

I'm going to download Vindictus tonight. Just read your post. (Sorry been really busy with work)

GreekHebrew said...

It's great,good experience to play it. you'll really take much interest with it, so let's play it.