Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fud for thought.. mmmmm

Speaking of food I really like it... And I like how in Lord of the Rings Online it is actually important for raiding which makes the cook profession relevant, unlike wow where it was only relevant for hunters.

So aaanyways I thought I'd post this link and share some of my blatant opinion plus hear yours.
This is a good little blurb about food prices rising. Now I'm going to be unusually forthright with my beliefs here (and totally unobjective) and say that I believe God created this earth with enough to provide for his children. Most liberals consistently, (since the 60s/70s) have opposed this view.

That said I also know people are starving and cant afford to eat what they need to eat. This is due to what I would call "unchecked capitalism". Capitalism is the survival of the fittest some say, but I would say its survival of the "lucky fit ones". Those who have less chances for learning or providing do not need Doles of money. "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime" The doles just get grabbed by corrupt warlords in Africa and Asia anyways.

We need to help people help themselves with more micro loans like my church is doing with its 'Perpetual Education Program' and many organizations are doing in India and other places. We also need to help people in Africa by showing them how to build well taps and teaching them better farming techniques or new skills that will help them branch out. I am very supportive of the 100 dollar laptop program for example.
This is a better use of money then just sending goods. Any comments or opposing views are appreciated.

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