Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where are we going with this?

So many things happen each day in our society. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and then you just need time to unwind. I was glad to get a few forced days off last week by being sick. It seems interesting to em that people are so concerned with where things are going and much less concerned with where they are now. Wow was able to keep me for a long time on this principle, I thought I was excited with where it was going, and the new things being added to the game. It was only when things they added were displeasing to me (Naxxrammus and AQ40) once I actually got to them, though the idea of some uber adventure was pleasing, that I realized I didn't like where they were taking the game. I didnt quit then though, I was still holding out hope for the expansion, which they kept delaying so I eventually quit.

This same principle made me try out Vanguard and stick with it for a little while, and City of Heroes and runescape and so on. I love to see where games are, and with an MMO that can take quite a while. I also like to see where they are going. This requires information I'm not always privy to but thanks to some scouring of forums I have a pretty good idea of where lotro is going and I am happy. Does this mean I will not try out Warhammer? of course not. I will try it out and try to be objective and enjoy it like the good game it probably is. It may well become my pvp game, and lotro my pve game. We'll see. I'll definitely try out Bioware's new MMO when that comes out too. But I am loathe to give Blizzard any more money considering what they did with my money the first time.. oodles and oodles of it. They stowed it in their raid development budget and then sat on the rest.

I personally could design those raids so I know that it doesn't take an army of programmers.. just a few good ones if you want to develop fast. I like Turbine's philosophies better, they use the money to make the game better, and they keep some to make themselves richer of course but not a huge percentage.

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