Tuesday, May 27, 2008

fun and games

I had quite a weekend and a rousing discussion on Keen and Graev's this morning but I finally, yes I know its hard to believe, am going to get going on coding this game tomorrow. This weekend I had to replace the starter motor in my Camry with my bare hands.. they are STILL dirty :P.

And I got to meet some new people and make friends on Lotro and ran them through book 2 and GA, along with my buddy Scoops, who got a new bow out of it as well as a rousing and deadly adventure. :) The poor minstrel musta died at least 7 times cuz the tank was still learning how to tank. One time everyone died except me (cuz I'm a few levels and a few traits ahead) and I barely lived by like 15 hit points which I somehow maintained in battle for half a minute at least. Was a pretty close call. (numerically speaking) Anyways I am resolving to get my butt in gear and bring my laptop to work tomorrow since that's the only way I get things done but I couldn't today because my company is courting another company and we need to all be on our best most "normal" behavior. :)

Oh the other thing thats hard to believe, I finally went and saw forochel and its really gorgeous.. but my screen shots keep getting shrunk so just see my earlier ones. The aurora borealis is particularly nice at night, along with the mammoth caravans and the Grims (a monster made of lightning and ice and ghostiness). Also the quests all seem solo able so far which is good.

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Anton said...

And as long as you're getting back to making our game, I guess I'd better get working on it, too! Let's start getting progress posted.