Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii fit is out and I don't care :)

So what is supposed to be a big release has gone down with very little enthusiasm from the gaming community and here's why (IMO): Wii fit is too obviously an attempt to get you to exercise instead of just have fun. It doesn't subtly trick you into it like Wii sports. That is all.. plus the price is high for casual but I'm sure a number will buy it anyways since they are bored and have not much better to do than buy new gadgets and goof with them.

I personally will not be buying one.. until some games come out that justify it, and even then I'll be resistant, though Wii ski or a Wii snowboarding game might make me cave in eventually. I'd prefer to support a third party if possible since I am tired of Nintendo killing itself with good first party releases and bad third party support. How bout you guys, are you gonna get one?


Anton said...

Well, I got Dance Dance Revolution for the purpose of having something to get a little workout with, and I don't even play that enough lately to have really justified it. I can't afford 90 dollars for this new toy right now. So for me, mostly the price and the fact that I have tons of games already made me turn this one down, although some of the activities using the leaning technology on the board seem really fun, I sure want to try it out sometime at least.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, could this be the game that turns middle-aged mums into Pro-Gamers?

Thallian said...

that'd be a sight to see ;)