Thursday, May 8, 2008

PvMP revisited

Zubon of "Kill Ten Rats" has written an interesting article
on Monster Play in Lord of the rings so I linked it here:

I did some monster play the last two days, joined a tribe, and as Robert Frost said: "That has made all the difference" Things are much better when your raiding and especially when your fighting freeps(the Free Peoples of Middle Earth) or taking keeps. So take the "road less traveled by" and play lotro and roll a monster and join an actual tribe, they will help you get the hang of things in a giant raid of drooling fangs and dripping claws.

By the way I tried out the orc defiler (the new monster class) and hes a decent healer but super wimpy in most other regards until he is ranked up and since nobody has them ranked yet they are all wimpy right now. (but useful)


Zubon said...

Do you need more than rank 3 for the basic suite of abilities on a Defiler? I know we have at least one rank 5 on Landroval.

Thallian said...

because I'm a dedicated blogger :P I went and found the answer for you since I didn't know. I asked Torkek and he didn't know either so here ya go. Its was right here with a bunch of other information:


Defilers utilize the fungus and slimes found within the sulfur swamps and dark places throughout Angmar to concoct pastes, dusts, and other disgusting rubs to apply to their allies' wounds. Through years of practice and learning, the Defiler has turned this practice into an art.

The Defiler begins with the ability to perform two initial heals, with the additional effect of healing over time (HoT).

Fertile Slime: "Living slime coats the target's wounds and restores morale." This is a low-power instant-cast HoT with a range of thirty meters and a six-second cool own that lightly heals the recipient every ten seconds for a period of sixty seconds. It is meant as a bridging heal, to assist the Defiler or a War Leader in keeping a target alive during a light exchange.

Fungal Bloom: "Gourds filled with foul herbs and liquids from the depths of Angmar relieve the sting of wounds on the flesh of foul creatures." This is a low-cost two second cast HoT with a range of thirty meters and a four-second cooldown. It moderately heals the target upon a successful cast, and then restores a moderate amount of health every five seconds for the next thirty seconds.

In addition to these initial healing skills, the early expenditure of a Defiler's destiny points can net him a targeted revival for defeated comrades. Unlike the War Leader this is a costly skill, utilizing morale and power, that only works out-of-combat and targets one monster player.

Rounding out the remaining healing skills for the orc Defiler are the following:

Fell Restoration: "When finished casting Fell Restoration instantly restores a huge amount of morale to target." This is a low-cost three second cast heal with a long ten-second cooldown healing a great deal of health instantly. This becomes available at Rank Three.

Fungal Spores: "Spores weave their way into the target's wounds, stopping bleeding and helping to speed the healing process." This is a medium power cost instant-cast HoT restoring a great deal of health every six seconds for thirty seconds. The cooldown for the skill is low, and it is available at Rank Five.

heather (errantdreams) said...

I really enjoy lotro, but sadly everyone I game with works full-time, and pretty much only has time for one game. Since we've all been playing WoW the longest and have all the resources built up in that, that's what we play. I've enjoyed trying out other things, but apart from occasional solo play in eve and lotro, WoW is pretty much it right now. Sigh...

Thallian said...

Se' la vie :) MMO's are very time consuming things.. one is usually enough at a time.. unless you happen to be Keen and Graev, but my statement doesn't apply to rampaging androids. Keep an eye out for the lotro expansion though it should be pretty neat :), after you get tired of Wotlk :)