Friday, January 30, 2009

Deadly Creatures

If only I had ..more..(see money, time, energy, etc..)

Anyways this is a game I'd play if I had more of those things: Check it out!
It releases on Feb 9th for the Wii and has impressive graphics for the system.

Make sure to run one of the trailers. What could be cooler than playing a tarantula or a scorpion? WHY hasn't this been done before? Because everyone always does the same old things lately. Well at least someone is gonna do it now. :) Maybe it'll pave the way for a kewl transformers game later. Or maybe it'll just be road pizza. We shall see.


Anton said...

I watched the Developer's interview for this last week (It's posted on

Three things about this game make me want to play it...

First of all, getting to see the world from a bug's perspective.

Second, being a hunter in a bug's world,

And third, climbing all over whatever walls you want and seeing the world sideways and upside-down.

Thanks for bringing attention to this game! I agree...I wish I had money and time to play this, too.

Crimson Starfire said...

What a great idea for a game. The web slinging and wall climbing looked pretty cool. Would check it out if I had a Wii.