Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funny stuff and little to report

I HAVE been playing Lotro but as far as what to report I don't have much. I have continued to push the frontier a little, I'm exploring a frozen ghost ship for (vol)1.(book)13.(chap)6ish i.e. (1.13.6) and I find the last king of men to rule middle earth. Unfortunately he needs a special tome locked in a dungeon overflowing with Dourhands and the only way for my poor little minstrel to get in there since I cant handle two or three at once very well is to get some sucker, errr nice person to go with me. Well, nobody is usually feeling that generous but anyways, I explored Moria a little more and I'm glad its not a wide as it looked initially cuz you cant ride a mount in there except from preset travel destinations. Book 2.2.1~etc so far has been all about running around or little kill quests

On a funner note my little sister showed me these jewels on youtube. Check them out!

Animaniacs - Nations Of The World

Animaniacs - Presidents

Enjoy :)

Oh, and I watched Tales of Earthsea while I was sick and it was really well done. Good movie and first one done by Miyazaki's son Goro I believe that


Anton said...

I need a break now and then from crazy work hours, so let me know if you need help next time, I could help on one of your alts as long as it's not Moria stuff...Otherwise, we can just play our lowbies a little more.

And funny you should mention the Animaniacs Nations and Presidents videos on YouTube, I just watched both of those last week.

Chappo said...

lol I wonder whether those videos were done in one take because hat sure was intense...would be death trying to get it right

Thallian said...

I imagine that, thanks to digital technology, they were easily broken up into segments, but ya never know, it IS Wacko and Yacko after all ;)