Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thallian's Guide to Getting yourself in Trouble (tm)

So this last week I got engagged to be marred. For the uninitiated, this is when the male part of the species goes up to female part of the species and says, will you be my darling baby bubby bunkaroo?

Allow me to give you my step by step guide. Only daring males should try this, and only after giving many free meals, free lip massages, and free conversation (whoever said talk was cheap has not seen my phone bills. I should get a cash advance!)

Step 1. Secure a girlfriend
Step 2. Secure a refined Adamantium (Carbon) Crystal from days of yore. Newly made ones will not do, neither will any form of Zirconium. Females are very picky about this sort of thing. If you are really smart, ask her mother in a third world country to bargain for one for you. She probably has a better grasp on her taste than you do anyways. Also craft the base out of refined Mithril when available, or white gold if you're cheap.
Step 3. Secure a venue, I asked her sister to scope one out for me.
Step 4. Secure yourself. No guts, no glory....and definitely no convincing display of undying devotion.
Step 5. Secure her... at the venue, with the ring, and never turn back on your decision ;)

My venue was an Antipolo hillside restaurant called Pati's Point overlooking the city of Manila in the Philippines at night with a gorgeous view of the milky way. (Your venue may vary. Results are not guaranteed.) She cried a little and we had a wonderful time. Try to avoid seeing dead bodies on the way home like we thought we saw, it kind of ruins the mood. In actuality they were just unconscious motorcyclists.

Our wedding day will be April 25th. I'm sure gonna be busy. :P
I'll still be blogging though, I love it and if any of you have any fun engagement stories please post them in the comments ;)


RTF said...

Seeing dead bodies right after getting engaged will really ruin your mood. Seems like that's a bad omen or something...eewww! And yes, a real diamond produced from high pressure and temp down under the earth will seal the deal.. =P

Crimson Starfire said...

Congrats dude.

It's all end-game from here on in ;)

Nah j/k. Is the attached image the ring you gave her? If so, nice work. That really is a Mithril ring with Ice Diamonds (charisma +6). I'm sure she would be very pleased. All the best with the wedding.

Anton said...

So you just got engaged and I just got a divorce (From WoW).

Fun post, thanks, and congratulations ;)

Aaron Miller said...


How were the beaches there? When my sister was proposed to, the guy placed the ring under a shell and called her over to come check it out. She kicked the shell into the water!

Luckily, he was able to grab it before it was washed away, but that story's always stuck with me as a warning against making proposals too interesting.

Thallian said...

@Crimson, no but its the closest looking one on the web I could find

@Aaron Hahahhahahahah I'll have to remember that one. I haven't seen the beaches yet, maybe on our honeymoon.

Chappo said...

grats man, did you go down on one knee? I heard that strategy generally works pretty well

ZB said...

Okay, it took me a few to figure out who the heck this was. I mean, how was I to know that you are a game person and in a foreign country. But engaged. Whooo! That's awesome. I'm so excited. Where? Do I get an invite?

Thallian said...

You sure will ZB, I hope you can make it. Anton is already giving me excuses "I've got no vacation time blah blah blah..." (jk) ;)

Thallian said...

@Chappo she wouldn't let me, and yes, its a good strategy, I hear it has won over many a woman.

Anonymous said...

Awww, congrats. :)

Pete said...

Woot!!! Congratulations!!!!

*raises his glass*

Here's to a happy 150 years or so.

Oakstout said...


Oh wait, that isn't what I had planned to say..must be the single guy buried deep inside my married man's brain, let me try that again, because I think I'm suppose to say,

Congratulations..way to go, bout time you settled down with that lovely girl of yours.

I hope you two have a wonderful wedding and a great life together.

mbp said...

Big Congrats Thalian and Mrs. Thalian to be. Many happinesses ahead.

The good new Thalian is that it only takes about 10 years to convince a new wife that gaming is just something you do and that that box of electronics in the corner is an infinitely preferable rival to another woman. Now after 14 years of marriage my wife buys me games for Christmas :)

Joe said...
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Joe said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. It put a big smile on my face. I even grunted in gleeful appreciation of the news. I got a few looks from the people around me at the computer terminals here. I pretended it was a cough.

Aspendawn said...

Wonderful news! I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...


Now, did you do what I did and wait until after dinner was finished?

My wife wanted to know a few days after the fact why I let the question wait until then and I had to explain that I wanted to enjoy dinner AND ask her to marry me.

If I had asked her before or during dinner, there would have been a lot of running around, crying, calling of friends, and what not, either by her or myself, depending on how she replied, and none of that was going to go down well while trying to enjoy a nice meal.

She growled, but had to admit that behavior (hers, as I was in luck that night) was as I expected and that sitting still for a meal after that might have been too much to ask.

Thallian said...

@mbp... yaiks! that's what I'm worried about!

@tagn no I didn't, but I did wait until the waiter had served the food and gone away cuz I wanted at least some privacy.

Anton said...

Don't worry Thallian, you got her to play LOTRO a couple times, that's pretty good headway already.