Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Eleventy First Birthday Anton!

Here's a special cake for a special friend, who helps me smile each day while I endure the drudgery of work. Here's to you Anton! Good on ya and thanks for all you bring to the blog! (Yes ok this might be a cop-out cuz I'm too cheap (i.e. see broke) to get you anything this year... would you like a spare license of an old rpg? NWN2? I have a one with your name on it...)


Anton said...

Why thanks!

Eleventy-first? Oh my!

For my birthday, I would like...Ummm...Let's play Neverwinter Nights 1 together sometime soon, 'kay?

Thallian said...

How does Thursday night sound? Saturday?

Jayedub said...

Eleventy first b-day, well you don't look a year over...come to think of it I am not sure what is less that eleventy first, so happy cake day!!