Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Winds, winter of the Melodias

Occasionally something resembling higher quality releases on Wiiware. Lost Winds was one such thing although it was too short, I bought it and was very impressed with the graphics, sounds and controls. However the fun level was limited as I got stuck easy and frustration soon ensued. Perhaps they have made it more accessible this time, but anyways, in the new one you can switch between seasons at will which just makes the puzzles more complex, as you know if you ever played Link to the Past or Paper Mario Wii. Anyways for those who might love it, I just thought I'd give a heads up that the sequel released yesterday. One neat thing about the first one was the ability to blow flame around and out with your wind. I thought that was neat.

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Anton said...

Amazing game?


Worth 10?... Ah... Um... PROBably... but honestly, I had seriously milked every ounce of the first one in 4 hours flat.

And only 1 boss fight in the whole game. Puzzles were superb, and I found their difficulty level perfect.

I only had to get a hint on one step of the boss fight, since there turned out to be a certain complex move I hadn't figured out fighting the smaller enemies that you had to use against him. I did enjoy that boss battle very much, however.

After completing the whole game (which took 3 hours), I mopped up all the little totems in the other hour. The totems do absolutely nothing, either. They're just there to make sure you thouroughly combed every corner of every area of the game.

So that hour wasn't really as fun as the first 3. So entertainment value... $10 for 3 hours... That's about as expensive as a movie. In other words... High-cost entertainment. But at the same time, this is an innovative and unique experience.

I like the idea of being able to change seasons. A LOT, actually. I wonder what reviews say about the length of this sequel? If they managed to double or triple the length, I'd consider buying it.