Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri

So, I've seen monster Hunter now and it has a number of appealing features. There are no levels, everything is gear/skill based. You have learn a number of moves if you switch weapons, and a number of dodging and other types of moves. Also, the monsters, well, the big ones anyways, are not constrained by the area they spawn in, they can run all over the world map, and you can even lose track of them from your tracking radar or they can get to some other monster and eat and heal or other things could happen. They also get into fights with other big monsters. And then there's the ridiculously big monsters, which are best tackled with a group of people. But yes, this game IS only about combat. What did you expect, given the name? Monster Crafter? Monster Farmer? Well you do do some ordering of people in the village to do things like craft and gather resources but really its about killin' stuff. REAL big stuff. One thing I didn't appreciate was the annoying dance guy who's always talking, but maybe that's just me, I'd rather have a sidekick you can fight effectively than one who dances, agroes the enemy then gets trampled, poisoned, roasted, etc.. repeatedly then comes back in 5 minutes without a scratch. You honestly don't care about him, he's an annoying sideshow at best IMO. I really like the online component. Every game for the Wii where this makes any sense should have this already. Honestly. its 2010 after all. And I've always loved dinosaurs, ever since I was little. Who doesn't?


Anton said...

I'm playing this game now, and I've never seen this dance guy you're talking about. That's because I only play online...Online is what this game was designed for, after all!

There actually are levels, but the levels only limit the available quests, they don't really make you stronger. It's appropriate anyways, because it guides you to quests you are capable of that will help you farm your next piece of nice armor.

This game is great fun, there are a lot of intense moments. I would argue that there is crafting involved here, though. You have to plan your quests to gather the right materials if you want to craft any particular armor.

But yes, if anyone wants to play this with me, I'm online two nights a week average.

mbp said...

I have read several very positive reviews of this and I am sorely tempted to try it. Our Wii is sadly neglected except for the occasional bout of Mario cart.

A somewhat embarrassing question about multiplayer: Are there public servers where you just join a pick-up group or do you need to have actual friends to play with?

Thallian said...

There are public servers supplied by Capcom.

Anton said...

You can jump on and find random people to party with easily, and usb keyboard chat is fully supported, or Wii Speak.