Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts on Transformers 2

(warning spoilers ahead) I watched Transformers 2 recently and was rather disappointed. It didn't have the spirit and fluidity that the first one had. It felt rushed in many places too. I know I should never expect Hollywood to do a good job on a sequel but, what with a few good ones like Dark Knight coming out, I guess I foolishly let my hopes get up. There was a bit too much mystical voodoo and jumping through plot holes in this one. For example the matrix turning to dust, then reforming. and Optimus suddenly being able to pull huge parts and then not being able to sustain them... that reeked of a Super Mario invincibility star style plot thingy. Plus, you would think the military would expect something like what happened with the shard they were guarding. I mean they know these robots can transform into anything, you why weren't they expecting them to drop nanites in? They should seal it in a box with no opening and lik 20 feet of metal. That'd at least hold the enemy off long enough to respond in kind. As for the pretender thing with Sam, you'd think he would have said more than his girlfriends name like "help its a Decepticon" or something. honestly. A lot of people I talked to really didn't like the jive talking robots, but I personally didn't mind them. Still I think the one who got sucked up shoulda died in there.


Anton said...

I thought the movie was fine, except for "hot-bot."

Oakstout said...

The movie is horrible, but you can still enjoy a horrible movie as long as you don't go into it expecting an academy award winner. Movies such as Transformers, Armagedon, the Pirate movies, and others are only there to entertain and help theaters sell popcorn. The plots are throw away and aren't suppose to make any sense. The real fun is the explosions and robots kicking robot ass.

If your looking for more of an intellectually stimulating movie, I'd stay away from those designed to sell toys for Hasbro. I say this from the prospective of someone that saw both movies in the theater and don't regret it one bit.

Course, Indianna Jones and the Crystal Skull is by far the worse movie on the planet considering the ammount of star power and how truly horrible the movie is.

Thallian said...

I concur, entertaining but unintelligent