Monday, June 21, 2010

My thoughts on 3D television and games

And E3 came and went, and... stuff happened. Yeah. that's it! Well, not completely. But there were a lot of sequels announced, plus a couple of innovations, and I'm glad Zelda is finally going to feel more like swinging a sword and all, but honestly, they say they are going to break from the formula but I don't think they can stand to. Now along comes the 3D DS. A first tm (third?) attempt at 3D hand-held gaming with no glasses. And it looks like it'll finally work this time. But am I excited? Not really. I'm sure some kids are though and that's what counts. 3D just makes games harder to code and thus more expensive with lower quality for a while until people really figure things out and then it becomes normal tm.

I'm glad however to be alive and enjoying my time in Lotro and with my family on my old Game Cube that got me through college. I need to steal my Wii back from my little sister one of these days. I have thought about it and I think I want to next blog about my favorite Game Cube era RPG's. That includes form the other systems as well. (PS2, XBox1, PC) Will be blogging about that shortly.


Anonymous said...

I'm *still* playing PS2 RPGs. I'm still playing PS1/SNES RPGs...

Anton said...

Gamecube RPG's? Can you use those two words together in a sentence?

3D could be cool. I'd love to get with the times. I'd love to have money to use to get with the times.
For now...I have plenty of games, and I'm way to busy just for those!

Concerning Zelda...I think they should step away from the current formula, and go back to some of the classic formula. Build the world smaller, and make it a little more charming and accessible again. (A Link to the Past is still the best Zelda!)

Thallian said...

I already did an article on ps1 snes games I think... lemme see, yeah you even read it and commented on it, along with a lot of other people. ;)