Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pummeling Foes in WoW as a team. Also, Dueling.

I play WoW with 2 work friends now.
I'm a holy paladin, they are Mage and Tank Warrior.
We are unstoppable!
Typically in solo play, I would have to run to an enemy, use all my cool abilities, wait for them to recharge, then use them at least a second time to finish it off. Not so here!
In a party of 3 like ours, we would all charge in together, all fire off our abilities at once, and foes would drop almost instantly. It's really exciting to be in an unstoppable team like ours!

Next time, we're trying our first instance, Ragefire Chasm. We might try 3-manning it at level 16/17 each.

Also, I was challenged to my first duel by a random Blood Elf Warrior, he was the same level as me, if not +- 1.
The duel was pretty fun, my first pvp in WoW since 2 years back when I played before. As holy, I healed myself 2-3 times. The Warrior burned a potion, but I didn't mind. It got down to whether or not my next attack would charge next or his, so I spammed my Holy Shock button until the charge was ready, watching our life bars drop...both of us to a sliver! SHOCK! Got him! Pretty exciting. We both laughed after, at just how close that was.


Cap'n John said...

I remember a few years ago our two Tanks dueled while we hung around outside Kara. It took Forever! And when they were done...they went at it again :D

Anton said...

Is a tank duel longer or a healer duel?