Thursday, December 2, 2010

I won a free copy of WoW:Cataclysm from Unicorn City!

I have seen not one, but TWO documentaries about LARPing. I have long held an ambition to one day develop a Fiction film or Video game based on LARPing.

Someone beat me to it.

Unicorn City is a new movie about a guy who wants to get a job...To get leadership experience for his resume, he invents a Utopia of his own that he will rule...a LARPing community.

Who will sabotage his attempt to rule Unicorn City? His girlfriend, who would really prefer he didn't move away to the new job? The rival player who decides his character wants to be the new ruler of Unicorn City? Or the cops, who just don't understand these people the way we do?

Unicorn City is a completely finished film that has already appeared at Sundance Film Festival and others. The producers are pushing hard for a theatrical release. Go show them support on the facebook fan page:!/UnicornCity?v=wall

and link everything you can to their website:

They need all the support they can get to put this movie to theaters, and as for me...I really would love to see this in theaters!

They just held a drawing through their Facebook page and I won a free copy of Cataclysm! I was not planning on purchasing Cataclysm because of the price, and I still haven't gotten a character to level 80 (I just started up a new character to play with some work friends). I'm so excited I will now get to enjoy the new game features I would not have otherwise gotten to try out.


Thallian said...

Congrats Anton!

Anton said...

I know!!! I've never won a prize in my life, I thought prizes were hoaxes!...wait, I still haven't claimed it yet, hehe...Naw, I think it's legit, I got an email, and I was listed in the fan page on Facebook with 49 others who all commented with thank yous and excitement.

Tesh said...

Screenshots of Gobling and Worgen areas or it didn't happen. :P

Here's hoping you have fun with it! I might pick up CAT someday... when it's about $10.

Anton said...

Haha, sure thing, I'll be out of town all next week, but as soon as I get back, I'll have the game and get it running!

Anton said...

The folks from Unicorn City promotions handled this whole thing really easy for me. I got an email from Amazon saying I'd been given a $45 gift card. So I went to the site, ordered it, and it was here when I got back from my vacation on Saturday night. It's already running, I'll put up screenshots later.