Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Haul

I got a haul of games this year, and other fun toys. I've really been enjoying the old ones the most though. Icewind Dale 2 multi-player ftw! its even fun with just three people, but we had all my brothers and my sister, 6! Totally awesome strategy and lots of stupid moves and reloads :) . The games I got were Trine which is also available on PS3 and is a very decent platformer if you have at least two people to play. Very fun to be the wizard with all the physics in that one. (He can levitate stuff while the other players stand upon it) Next up were two Wii games that I haven't opened yet but look like fun. I told me sister she has until my birthday and I'm commandeering my Wii back. The games are Rune Factory Frontier (woot!) and Crystal Chronicles the Crystal Bearers (Hope its not just a lot of fighting cutscenes like most FF games during battle).

In case you didn't read his comments, here is what Anton got:

I cheated and bought myself 6 games this week. I got Portal from Steam for $4 and a 5-game indie pack including Crayon Physics Deluxe, Max and the Magic Marker, Toki Tori, Delve Deeper, and Secret of the Magic Crystals, all for $5. Also just renewed my WoW expansion...I got my son Zelda 4 Sword Adventures which he will be playing with me in the morning, if there's any room for more excitement after all his other presents. Merry Christmas! "

Anton, Toki tori is an awesome Wiiware puzzle game. 4 swords adventures is fun sometimes... Frustrating other times when your fellow players are determined to impede your progress because they get bored or frustrated too ;) I'm waiting for a report on the other ones. Hope all our readers are having a great time!

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Anton said...

My "fellow player" for Zelda Four Swords is 3 years old. He doesn't even have to try to "impede" my progress...but he does his best to play.

We are still playing the original Crystal Chronicles too. We found the desert level boss to be very difficult, but after many tries, we beat him. The third time through the mushroom level, the boss proved extremely difficult--I will take him back there after we get some weapon and armor upgrades.