Friday, September 26, 2008

The bologosphere has spoken

For posterity's sake I thought I'd paste the results of our poll of the bloggers about some game creation issues, and also so I can delete the polls.

#1 Which do you prefer most for party creation in a tactical game?

and you said:

Mandated by the developers. Example: Final Fantasy 2
1 (5%)
Totally created by the player. Example: Final Fantasy 1
4 (21%)
Found through lots of various means except for a main character player: Final Fantasy Tactics
6 (31%)
All characters can be created or modeled but each is unique and has his/her own plot line Example: slightly similar to Fire Emblem
4 (21%)
Classes only have one or two skills they can use in a particular way like Chess
0 (0%)
Build expendable units that can go up a few levels like in Advance Wars or Master of Orion 2
4 (21%)

#2 Ideal Party Size in a tactical game

0 (0%)
10 (55%)
7 (38%)
0 (0%)
a freaking army
1 (5%)

#3 For combat in a tactical game you prefer:

5 simple skill options
8 (50%)
1 or 2 simple skill options (chess)
2 (12%)
combo moves (street fighter/mario rpg style)
2 (12%)
attack only but different types of movement, range and visibility alla advance wars
4 (25%)

So I think its safe to say were gonna stick to 4 or 5 member of a party, 5 simple skill options, but the other one was so close I think we may go one way or another on it. :) Ty for all the help ;)


Crimson Starfire said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product. When can I get my beta key? You should start a beta tracker ;)

Thallian said...

lol :D Were prolly a year away from alpha but I promise you'll be first to get one. ;) Then our anonymous music guy who I already tried to convince to do our soundtrack, but he wants to play the game first.

Anton said...

Thallian and I have gotten together twice in person in the last few months to plan certain early aspects of the game. I came up with a few unique gameplay mechanics and character classes. I'm still pretty much in early concept stage and Thallian's done some early programming. I think the results of the poll show similar preference to what I would have liked to do, so that's encouraging.